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Schools and Groups


Contact us via the following email: iveta.topolova@galleryofsteelfigures.comor via phone: + 420 727 850 257

Please provide following information:

  • date and time of the visit
  • number of persons (children + escort separately),
  • approximate age of children
  • information about special requirements for children or, conversely, about children for our staff (eg hearing impairment, etc.)


We will acquaint you with the story of our gallery, which is freely available in paper form.

You can also learn from the information panels the story of steel production, recycling, the City Palais building, protected by UNESCO, in which we are based.

We have prepared “crossword puzzles / puzzles” for children, which are processed in an interactive form and can become part of your tour.


Our gallery also has beautiful spaces that are suitable, for example, for giving out certificates or giving a lectures


For kindergartens and the 1st basic of  schools, the price per student is CZK 135 / free escort

For the 2nd grade of primary schools and secondary schools, the price is CZK 169 per student/the escort is free